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Welcome to the Digital Marketing Agency Blog

Hello and welcome to our blog, we will be posting articles on things that we find interesting about different businesses and the worlds in which they work. We hope you find some of them interesting or useful to you too.

How to switch your Broadband

Even the thought of switching broadband supplier sends many of us scurrying for the hills, but since 2015, due to an Ofcom ruling, it’s easier for people to switch who are on the Openreach network ( The change has meant that the user no longer has to contact their current supplier and arrange to leave,

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Are SaaS Software Solutions good for businesses?

Software-as-a-service (SaaS) has come into the forefront in the last couple of years as technology evolves alongside business models. But as with all the latest trends, how can you as a business owner ensure that any decision you make that involves Cloud Based solutions will keep you ahead of your competition as well as ensuring

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Is the location of your Data Centre important?

Thanks to modern technology, businesses, clients and staff can access their data as and when they need to no matter where they are located. However, even with this flexibility there are a certain number of factors you should consider before you choose a data centre to host your data. Access Even though you will have

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Why VoIP is important for businesses

As technology continues to advance, it’s important that companies embrace it in order to attract customers, compete with other brands and improve profit margins. One of the many great inventions which has become hugely popular with organisations in recent years is VoIP – Voice over Internet Protocol. This is an advanced software system which allows

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