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5 ways your business can benefit from using a data centre

As companies become increasingly dependent on their computer systems, chances are that they will have heard about data centre’s. The question they’re likely to be asking is, ‘is centralising your IT operations and equipment just another business cost or is it a worthwhile investment?’

Below we examine the real benefits to choosing a data centre like Virtus for instance rather than hosting your data and applications on servers located on your business premises.

Improved security
According to The UK Governmental Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport and the National Cyber Security Centre, almost half of all UK firms have been hit by a breach or cyber-attack in the past year. Unfortunately, as methods of attack continue to evolve and advance, this is a figure which is likely to increase.

Tiered access, virtual private networks, firewalls, CCTV and alarms ensure that data centres can protect your servers from physical disturbance and offer enterprise grade security.  As well as physically protecting your information, data centres also allow you to access your data more securely.

Another important aspect of data security is compliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) legislation which came into effect in May 2018. If you’re not protecting the data you hold about clients or customers and suffer a breach, you can be hit with a hefty fine. Storing personal information at a data centre is likely to be a lot more secure than keeping it in-house – especially if you’re a small company that can’t afford expensive security systems. Find out more by following this link:

Less downtime

There’s nothing more frustrating than your computer systems going down. It affects employee productivity because they can’t do their work and if you have customers coming into the office, it can also lose you business.

Say you’re a travel agent for example and someone comes in to book a holiday but there’s a glitch in your booking system. People are unlikely to wait until it’s fixed – they will just go to a competitor. Using a data centre helps reduce the likelihood of suffering downtime for a number of reasons:

  • Air conditioning and fire prevention contingencies ensure that servers are physically protected from damage
  • They have back-up power supplies which ensures that outages don’t affect your business
  • Multiple connectivity links mean that you always have access to your data and applications
  • In the rare event that problems do arise, there are skilled technicians at data centres who provide 24/7 maintenance and monitoring so downtime is minimised

Faster speeds

Data centers often have more dedicated high-speed Internet access. If an Internet Service Provider is also running a data center, it means that you will get more bandwidth since you don’t need to share it with the whole Internet like you would if you were using your own connection.

Another advantage is that by using a local data center, your data doesn’t need to travel around the world to another data center and back. The speed benefits become very noticeable if you’re running a digital business which has many users trying to access a lot of data at the same time.

It saves time and money
Less downtime and improved productivity among staff will save your organisation a huge amount of time and money. What’s more, by outsourcing this function, your IT team will be able to focus on other core aspects of your business rather than being distracted by trying to fix system errors.

Your business can grow

Naturally, you want your business to grow and fulfil its potential. Can you really do this if your IT systems are hindering you however? If your applications can’t cope with increased usage, growing your business will be near on impossible. If you need advice on growing your business visit the Government website:

On the flip side, if you’re the type of company that’s affected by seasonal fluctuations, there may be times you need to scale down. If you can’t scale down during low periods, you’re burning money and reducing overall profits.