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Are SaaS Software Solutions good for businesses?

Software-as-a-service (SaaS) has come into the forefront in the last couple of years as technology evolves alongside business models. But as with all the latest trends, how can you as a business owner ensure that any decision you make that involves Cloud Based solutions will keep you ahead of your competition as well as ensuring your team can focus on their jobs in the most efficient and effective way.

Here we look at 3 reasons of why a business should update to a cloud-based system instead of continuing with their on-premise current solutions.


Traditional software is bought with a licence with an upfront cost that may or may not have an additional ongoing support fee, whereas SaaS providers generally charge a monthly subscription fee using a pay as you go model. Set up costs are generally a lot less than traditional software solutions and implementation is also a lot quicker. You must still factor in costs for staff training and support from the provider. However, with costs being more predictable it allows companies to budget more accurately. Many SaaS offerings can also be terminated at any time with no notice.

Maintenance, Upgrades and Customisations

shutterstock_1104908693As there isn’t any hardware, you will no longer have any maintenance or repairs bills. Updates will be taken care of by the provider automatically and will release information to your company about any new features and functionality. Many providers offer high scalability which means their service will have a range of features which depending on your businesses needs and requirements will be available to your teams. As your business grows or as your needs become greater, providing access to the additional functionality will be quick and easy. Your data will more than likely be backed up using timed incremental backups. If your company should suffer from any real time disasters, then the data centre can roll back your data. Your provider will shoulder the burden of security, availability and accessibility leaving your IT team to get on with other jobs.

Time and Performance

The beauty of having a cloud-based solution is that your team can access the data and system whenever and wherever they are. They do not have to worry about VPN’s (, as long as they have access to the internet, they will be able to access the system. As the systems are built to ensure they perform at maximum network performance, unlike on premise solutions which are dependent on your inhouse servers. As mentioned, they are flexible to your business needs and will be able to expand and reduce as per your business requirements.

From simple file sharing solutions and brain storming tools like RealTimeBoard ( to CRM systems and Service Management Systems ( your company could benefit hugely from introducing SaaS into your business.