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Category Archives: Building & Construction

Five sources of renewable energy

As we become increasingly concerned about the limited supply of natural resources left on earth, renewable energy has become a big topic in recent years. From what we should be doing to preserve the resources we have left to how we can utilise alternative sources, it seems as though everyone has an opinion on the

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Five inspirational office designs

With recent research suggesting that the design of the workplace has a huge impact on employee productivity and happiness, companies are increasingly starting to think about the layout and décor of their offices. These UK companies are one step ahead of everyone else and boast some of the most inspiring offices we’ve ever seen. Not

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Five things to consider before moving house

Moving house can often be a challenging experience. Whether you’re selling your flat to renovate a cottage in the South of France or you’re simply upsizing or downsizing within the same area, the process of moving into a different home can become long and complicated. But most people reach a point in their lives in

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Six benefits of being a landlord

Deciding to rent your property out can be an emotional decision, especially if it’s a family home that you have lived in yourself. At this time, you will probably be weighing up the pros and cons of selling versus letting your house out so to help you make a decision, below are six benefits that

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