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Category Archives: Business

Why use serviced apartments for business travel?

Serviced apartments have become a popular alternative to hotel accommodation for business travellers all over the world. Whether you need short or long-term accommodation or somewhere you can stay on a regular basis, serviced apartments have many benefits. A generous living area When you stay in a hotel, you’re confined to the space of your

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How to Develop Your Brand

Business is an inherently competitive game, and to be a successful business you need to have a brand. And of course, a brand is more than just a name and a logo. A brand is the message you send out to your customers that makes your product or service distinctive. Indeed, a well-designed logo and

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Understanding social media as a marketing tool

Thanks to the popularity and prevalence of social media, it has become a hugely influential factor when it comes to whether or not people decide to do business with a company. Providing it has been executed properly, social media can be a highly effective marketing tool. With so many companies trying to attract the attention

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Five inspirational office designs

With recent research suggesting that the design of the workplace has a huge impact on employee productivity and happiness, companies are increasingly starting to think about the layout and décor of their offices. These UK companies are one step ahead of everyone else and boast some of the most inspiring offices we’ve ever seen. Not

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