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Category Archives: lifestyle

How to complain about your dentist

Every qualified dentist operating in the UK should be registered with the GDC. They are the organisation which regulates all dentists and other dental professionals such as hygienists, dental technicians and nurses. The organisation sets standards to which dentists must adhere to primarily to protect patient safety. Your dentist must be qualified and registered with

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Has Brexit influenced the property market?

Moving home at any time is stressful enough but in the current political uncertainty of Brexit, putting your home on the market is a worrying option. Unless you have to move quickly for family or job reasons it’s important in the current market not to rush making decisions you may regret later. The housing market

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Top Tips for Moving to A New House

Moving to a new house gives you the fresh start you need, a way to reinvent yourself and to make your new place your version of home. However, moving home is a long process and can be very stressful with so much to remember to do. To help you along the process, we have created

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