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Category Archives: Technology

How to help your kids tackle cyberbullying

The Internet can help to enhance your child’s life in so many different ways. YouTube tutorials can teach them practical skills, online resources can aid their homework efforts and an endless supply of information means the world’s their oyster when it comes to learning new things. Sadly however, the Internet has a dark side and

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VoIP versus landline: which is better for your business?

As a business owner, you have so many different decisions you need to make every day. As technology continues to advance, one of them is which phone service is better for your business – VoIP or a landline? Below we discuss the benefits of each to help you make an informed decision. Landline   One

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How can faster broadband help my business?

  In order to run a successful business, you rely on a number of factors including having a helpful product or service to sell, good employees, loyal customers and a trusted reputation. These days, technology plays a huge role in your business as well and below we discuss how faster broadband can help your organisation

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How to keep your data safe online

Social media, banking, shopping, gaming, watching television, dating, emailing – you name it, we can do it online. The good news is that we can do all of these things without leaving the comfort of our homes. The bad news is that they usually require a password, personal information and sometimes even our bank or

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