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Category Archives: Technology

How to keep your data safe online

Social media, banking, shopping, gaming, watching television, dating, emailing – you name it, we can do it online. The good news is that we can do all of these things without leaving the comfort of our homes. The bad news is that they usually require a password, personal information and sometimes even our bank or

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How to help stop Cyberbullying

In today’s world of everchanging technology it’s hard for parents, teachers and responsible adults to keep abreast of all the digital platforms children in their care may be using. Cyberbullying can happen to anyone at any time. Your child may be involved in cyberbullying from being bullied, witnessing bullying or they may be the one

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How to switch your Broadband

Even the thought of switching broadband supplier sends many of us scurrying for the hills, but since 2015, due to an Ofcom ruling, it’s easier for people to switch who are on the Openreach network ( The change has meant that the user no longer has to contact their current supplier and arrange to leave,

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Is the location of your Data Centre important?

Thanks to modern technology, businesses, clients and staff can access their data as and when they need to no matter where they are located. However, even with this flexibility there are a certain number of factors you should consider before you choose a data centre to host your data. Access Even though you will have

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