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Category Archives: Technology

Getting your business through times of financial difficulty

Anyone who runs their own business will know that it’s a lot of hard work. Whilst issues such as working long hours and having staffing issues can be tough, they’re often short-term and are easily overcome. When a company encounters financial difficulties however, it’s a huge strain and many business owners become incredibly overwhelmed as

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The technology trends that businesses need to embrace

Technology is continually advancing and although it can be difficult to keep up with, it’s important that businesses do so in order to remain competitive. Below are some of the most current and key technology trends that companies not only need to know about but should be embracing as well. Mobile payments Last year saw

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The importance of email marketing

Every day we’re bombarded with hundreds of emails from retailers, restaurants, social media websites, spammers and businesses trying to get our custom. Most of us would agree that 99% of these emails get deleted without us even reading them. This leads many marketers to question whether or not email marketing is worth the effort. The

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How to take the perfect LinkedIn photo

Finding a suitable photo to use for our LinkedIn profile seems to be a never-ending challenge. Unlike our other social media profiles, a snap of us laughing with friends, looking loved up with a partner, enjoying a cocktail on a night out or laying on a beach in the Caribbean simply isn’t appropriate for LinkedIn.

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