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Is mediation appropriate for the workplace?

Quite simply the answer to this question is a resounding yes. Mediation can be a very successful method of managing conflict and using this approach within a business environment is no different to it being used for personal reasons. However, there may be circumstances when it is not appropriate. You can find out more by

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Should I buy or lease my new car purchase?

Buying a new car is an enjoyable and very exciting experience. If you don’t mind waiting, you’ll be able to design your car exactly to your specifications so that the factory can then build it accordingly. Even if you’d prefer not to wait there are so many great deals out now with cars that have

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Is it time to outsource your IT Service Desk?

Outsourcing IT services have become more popular over recent years with many companies for a variety of reasons. Employees are now able to work more efficiently and effectively from almost anywhere in the world thanks to all the latest technology but this constant need for support can be a huge drain on your IT Team

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A brief history of data centres

Today’s world of modern technology allows us to make countless digital interactions. Nowadays we take connectivity between people, places and things for granted. Having access to the internet 24/7, being able to work remotely, even making bank transactions at the drop of a hat, are all part of today’s modern world. But do we ever

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