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Christmas – a time of joy or misery?

Christmas comes but once a year and for some even that’s once too often. Amongst the jolly frivolities and seasons greetings there are those who, for different reasons and maybe at different periods in their lives, find Christmas a stressful time that they could do without.

Christmas is notoriously busy and if you are already facing stress in your everyday live, the festive season can be the thing that tips you over the edge.

Here’s our top tips on how to reduce your stress to help you relax and fins time for yourself.

Social Circles

Socialising should be something we all look forward to and do because we want to be with people whose company we enjoy. However, at Christmas time as the party season hits us, we may find that we get forced into accepting invitations to events that we’d rather not go to. Family relationships can be testing at the best of times and having to cope with a friend’s partner who you really don’t get on with, can be extra challenging when you are not feeling strong enough to cope. If you find yourself in situations you’d rather not be in, make sure you have a get out clause, so you can exit gracefully without causing offence. Maybe you could have another pressing engagement or need to check on an elderly neighbour. Set the expectations from the start so that people won’t be disappointed if you leave early.

Work Pressures

shutterstock_154988546For many of us, Christmas brings added pressures at work; projects need to be delivered before the holiday period, retail workers face huge demands to meet consumer needs or maybe you’re dealing with a conflict situation making you stressed and anxious. If you are facing increased workloads, remind yourself that things will slow down once Christmas is over. This simple fact maybe enough to keep you sane for the duration. However, for those dealing with a dispute, it’s not so easy but with the right support and help from your company why not try and get a resolution before the Christmas break. Your company should have a conflict resolution policy in place, with many now using mediation as it is proven to be the most successful tool to deal with disputes. Professional companies like The TCM Group are experienced at dealing with conflict management and will be able to help. Rather than having conflict hanging over you throughout the festive period, why not bite the bullet and get it resolved. Mediation offers a win/win outcome for all parties concerned, a solution that could help you get some respite this Christmas.

Too much of anything…

When we feel stressed, anxious or emotionally overwhelmed it’s easy for us to turn to stress-reducing acts such as eating rich, calorific, sugary food; drinking alcohol in excess and burning the candle at both ends. All of these actions are very self-destructive and won’t help us cope with the additional stresses and strains at Christmas. Try and avoid doing anything in excess and if you are planning a big night out or know that you will be drinking more than normal, try and make sure you clear your diary for the following day, so you can have a lie in to get over your hangover without having demands being made on your time. The Express has a great article on the do’s and don’ts of Christmas bingeing:

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