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Digital Marketing plan for the January Sales!

We may not yet have been visited by Father Christmas and opened our presents but for those in retail and selling goods online their thoughts must already be turning to January and how they can get the best from the January sales.

Here’s a quick run through of how digital marketing can help your business flourish and turn a profit in the first few weeks of 2019.


The most important part of any campaign is to know from the outset what you want to achieve. Setting goals will ensure your campaign remains focused and delivers on your expectations. Do you want people to fill in a contact form, would you like them to purchase a certain product? Making these decisions from the beginning will avoid any confusion further down the line.


Again, another key objective is to know what your campaign concept will be. For instance, what offer are you going to drive? Make sure you research your competitors to keep in line with the market, so you don’t waste time and resources by pricing yourself out. Experienced Digital Marketing companies can help you understand your competitors by conducting competitor research to ensure you keep ahead of the game.

Know your target audience

So now you know what you want to achieve and how, the next thing to understand is who your perfect audience is. If you already have Google Analytics ( set up, you will be able to use the Demographics feature to work out how to ensure your adverts are targeted to reach the correct people. If you need advice, again contact an experienced digital marketing company who will be able to help you set up your campaigns.


It’s very easy to set up campaigns and start bidding at a low price to make sure your advert gets exposure, but costs can easily spiral out of control. Make sure you know how you much you like to invest each day and stick to the budget. If you are not seeing a return on your investment you may need to tweak your adverts to see if you can make them perform better.


There are various different platforms you can use to push your advertising, from Google Adwords and Bing Ads, to social media advertising like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter. If you have already conducted your target audience research, you should have a good understanding of which platforms will reach your ideal customers. After all there’s no point using Facebook ( if the majority of your customers use Facebook.

shutterstock_507815056Measure your success

The key to any successful campaign is to know whether its successful or not. Make sure you check your campaigns daily and tweak if needed. You can also run campaigns alongside each other to see which is the most successful. Check your KPI’s and make sure they are achieving the goals you set at the beginning. You can also run reports throughout the duration of the campaign and at the end of the campaign, which will give you a good understanding of your key metrics and engagement.