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How can faster broadband help my business?

shutterstock_599083127In order to run a successful business, you rely on a number of factors including having a helpful product or service to sell, good employees, loyal customers and a trusted reputation. These days, technology plays a huge role in your business as well and below we discuss how faster broadband can help your organisation to thrive.

Faster transition of information

From updating your website and uploading and downloading files to backing up and storing files, a fast broadband connection ensures a much faster transfer of information. Not only does this help to improve employee productivity, it also ensures that you can provide customers with a seamless service.

Improved reliability  

As we mentioned above, a trusted reputation is crucial to the long-running success of any business. A huge part of this is reliability. Whether customers are trying to access your website, communicate with you via social media or they’re waiting for an email response, if you’re regularly experiencing downtime, you won’t be able to get back to customers in a timely fashion.

Your systems also need to be reliable in order for your staff to perform to the best of their ability. A stable and reliable connection means that employees can still access whatever they need no matter how many people are trying to access the Internet at the same time.

It can help to reduce costs 

You may be reluctant to upgrade your broadband because of the increased cost but believe it or not, doing so can actually be more cost effective than sticking with a cheaper but slower and more unreliable service.

Aside from the fact that you can guarantee that customers will be able to contact you or make purchases via your website at all times, it also enables you to benefit from Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephony. With this system, you can make multiple phone calls through your Internet connection which means that you never have to pay for expensive calls again. If you’re new to VoIP follow this link to find out more:

shutterstock_588347297With a good broadband connection, you can also set up a secure Virtual Private Network (VPN) which will allow you and your employees to work remotely easily and efficiently. As well as boosting productivity, allowing your staff to work remotely helps to reduce their and your carbon footprint and with fewer people in the office, you can rent a smaller premises and benefit from cheaper rent and bills. You can find out more about VPN’s by following this link:

If you’re not already sold on the cost-saving benefits of a fast broadband connection, here’s another one. With a quick and reliable connection, you can use the very latest cloud-based services. This can reduce the amount of money you need to pay for storage as well as hardware and software.

When it comes to cloud computing, you pay for the services you need on a subscription so you don’t have to worry about wasting money on something you don’t use or need. This is particularly useful to seasonal businesses who experience very busy periods followed by a lull. Contact a data centre to find out how they may be able to help you and your business with your cloud requirements.