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Is it time to revamp your website?

With the hectic period of Christmas and January sales over, you may be thinking about your marketing strategies and budgets for the coming year.

If reviewing your website is on your to do list here’s a few things to look out for that will give you a good indication of whether you should be looking at a website redesign.

Mobile Responsiveshutterstock_261567503
This is an absolute must for any website in today’s world. People browse websites on a multitude of screen sizes and if your website isn’t optimised for this behaviour you will be missing out on potential leads and custom. Users are looking for information when they want it and whenever they want it and sadly if your website doesn’t offer them the information instantly or makes it difficult for them to view, they will go elsewhere.


A very key question but one that is overlooked time and again is, does your website work? It may look pretty but if links don’t click through to the right pages, or it takes half an hour to load, visitors will soon lose interest and click away for your site. The best test is for you to navigate through your site as if you were a potential customer to see if you can take the actions you would want them to. If you have an e-commerce site, does the basket work? Can you view your products clearly and correctly? It may seem obvious but so many business owners forget to do this.

User Experience

Your website is like having an additional member of staff on your sales team. It’s there to do a job and woo your potential clients into making positive buying decisions. For many businesses their website is the first impression they will have of your business, so it’s important you get it right. This newer element of website design deals with the emotional experience a user has when they are navigating through your website and how it matches up to their intentions. If you make the users journey complicated, or information is difficult to find, people won’t hang around. Make sure you understand what your website goals are and what you are trying to achieve. Match your users’ journey to this and you should have a great website that offers visitors exactly what they are looking for. To find our more about UX visit:

Marketing Goals and Conversions shutterstock_452036953

If you created your website a few years ago, you may find that it is now out of date in terms of the goals you originally set. Your company is likely to have grown and therefore your sales and marketing goals will have changed. Make sure you revisit the targets you set and revise as needed. Google analytics has some great practical advice which you may find useful:



Similar to your goals your company message and branding may have changed in recent times and it’s important that your website reflects your company’s message to ensure you are consistent across the board. This isn’t just about logo and straplines but also the content and language you use. For instance, if you have created leaflets for marketing events does your website use the same language and content?

As a final word, as much as it may be cheaper to ask a friend to create a new website for you, it’s better to seek the advice of a professional digital marketing agency who can not only help you design and create a website that delivers on all levels but will also ensure it is fully optimised for search engines.