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Welcome to the Digital Marketing Agency Blog

Hello and welcome to our blog, we will be posting articles on things that we find interesting about different businesses and the worlds in which they work. We hope you find some of them interesting or useful to you too.

Can your business meet flexible working demands?

As flexible working requests from employees increase, companies are changing how they operate to ensure they can meet the demands of the business as well as their employees. The key thing to remember about flexible working is that it doesn’t just mean working from home. It’s allowing your workforce to work from pretty much anywhere

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Top tips when buying a property

Whether you’re a first-time buyer or buying your 5th or 6th property, there are certain details you should always be aware of when viewing a house for the first time. Buying a property is always exciting and it’s easy to get swept up in the moment and ignore any tell-tale signs that could cause problems

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What the abolition of tenancy fees means for landlords

In the 2016 Autumn Budget, ( it was announced that the government would be making a move towards the abolition of the fees imposed on tenants when moving into a rental property. While it’s thought that this ban won’t come into effect until Spring 2019, it’s likely to have left landlords up and down the

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Four water drainage systems for your business

In a country that gets as much rain as the UK does, water drainage is very important. Without it, you put yourself at risk of flooding which can be a huge cost to your business. It’s not just the repair work you’ll have to pay out for either, your business is also likely to suffer

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