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Spring Hospitality ideas that will deliver a good ROI

If you’ve just agreed your corporate marketing entertainment budget for 2019 you may well be wondering what you can do to really set your company apart, to deliver an event that will stick in your client’s minds and more importantly encourage them to spend more money with you.

It would be nice to not have to worry about ROI but as with everything you have to be able to measure the value of any hospitality event you have run, otherwise what’s the point? If you’re not looking to increase profits or market share you may as well take all your clients out on a jolly and not worry about the expense. But that’s not quite how it works as without some sort of ROI you’ll soon spend all your profits.

The key is to work out what your profit margins are and agree what increase you’d like to see. Knowing your clients and if they are likely to increase their spend for your services will help you decide whether you can invest in them on a hospitality day. It may seem unfair to your lower key clients but remember, business is business!

Here’s a few hospitality ideas for Spring 2019 for you and your clients to enjoy.

6 Nationsshutterstock_326926655

Any rugby fan would probably give their eyeteeth to get a ticket to one of the 6 Nations games! This year the matches are starting on Friday 1st February with final matches taking place throughout the day on Saturday 16th March. If your clients enjoy a good rugby match this could be just the way to impress them. For further information on packages and games visit Matchday Hospitality.

Horse Racing

The Festival at Cheltenham is one of the major events in the horse racing calendar. This year the festival runs from Tuesday 12th to Friday 15th March 2019 and includes Champion Day, Ladies Day, St Patricks Thursday and Gold Cup Day. Hospitality can include a meal in one of the various restaurants, a private box overlooking the course and finish line, or why not go the whole hog and let the racecourse book your nights stay at the Frogmill Hotel, where you’ll be picked up by a Bentley and then flown by helicopter to the racecourse! A definite show stopper that’s bound to keep your client’s business for a few more years to come! To find out more visit their website:

Formula 1

The Formula 1 season begins again in March and as always starts with the first race being held in Australia. The Australian Grand Prix 2019 runs from the 15th – 17th March 2019. If your profit margins are good and you think this would offer a superb ROI, then why not treat your clients to a trip across the world? You can be sure your clients will spread the word about your generosity and encourage more clients to come your way. For further details visit the Formula 1 website: