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The benefits of your business going wireless

There’s no doubt that wireless technology has completely changed our lives. From using our mobile phones on our morning commute and logging into work applications remotely to making contactless payments and even using our television remote control, it’s almost impossible to imagine a world without wireless technology.

While most of us will admit that we probably couldn’t live without this in our personal lives, what are the benefits of your business going wireless?

It allows for remote working

As an employer, you may be reluctant to let your employees work from home. After all,how do you know they’re actually working and not catching up on daytime TV? While there is a huge element of trust involved when it comes to remote working, allowing this can provide big benefits:


  • 87% of UK workers want better workplace flexibility. The most commonly cited reasons for this include having more control over their work-life balance and cutting down on commuting time
  • With more workers seeking jobs that offer the possibility of remote working, this perk puts you at a competitive advantage. Major tech companies are already taking advantage of this. Last year, Amazon announced they would be hiring 5,000 remote workers and Apple advertised employees for work-from-home positions
  • With fewer people in the office, you reduce overheads and cut your company’s carbon footprint
  • Contrary to popular belief, remote workers still have high productivity and engagement levels

Even top business entrepreneurs recommend flexible working:

You can collect real-time data

Wireless technology gives you the ability to easily access real-time data or data which has been delivered immediately after collection. This is especially helpful for companies who need data faster than ever before thanks to customers expecting more from advancing technology.

Take delivery companies for example. Even just a few years ago waiting for a delivery was a pain because you would have to wait in all day so you didn’t miss that knock on the door. These days however, the likes of DPD allow live tracking of delivery drivers which means that customers know exactly when their item will be arriving.

Ease of useshutterstock_365329922

Between computers, laptops, printers, fax machines and telephones, chances are that you have plenty of electronic devices constantly in use around the office. If you’re not wireless, it can take up a considerable amount of time putting cables through walls, not to mention the expense of getting someone in to do this for you. Aside from looking untidy, having lots of cables everywhere can be a serious health and safety risk as employees can easily trip over them. Going wireless also makes it much easier to add extra devices to the network as no new cabling is needed. This means that whenever you get a new employee or device, you don’t have to worry about calling someone in to set the new system up for you.

For professional advice contact a company like Wireless-Connectivity who specialise in wireless solutions.

It helps support growing businesses

Every business wants to grow and it’s important that your IT systems support this ambition. Wireless networks can handle more users because you’re not limited to the number of connection ports in the office. With users being able to share files and other resources with all the devices connected to your network, it also improves workplace efficiency and productivity which is crucial to growth.

If you’re not convinced read more about the benefits by following this link: