Five inspirational office designs

With recent research suggesting that the design of the workplace has a huge impact on employee productivity and happiness, companies are increasingly starting to think about the layout and décor of their offices.

These UK companies are one step ahead of everyone else and boast some of the most inspiring offices we’ve ever seen. Not only is a great office space perfect for motivating existing staff, it’s also a great way to attract high quality candidates to your team.


The telephone answering service, Moneypenny recently refurbished their Wrexham office with the aim of designing the happiest workplace in the UK. The premises comprises of a whopping 91,000 square feet and boasts its very own village pub, a sun terrace, a duck pond, giant decorative giraffes, an indoor treehouse for relaxing in and a restaurant which provides its 1,000 workers with free breakfast every morning.

Angel Solutions

 Angel Solutions provides web applications for the education sector and five years ago they decided to create an office with a real difference. Their Liverpool office is circus themed and includes a gypsy caravan where meetings are conducted, a grandstand for presentations, fairground mirrors, a popcorn machine and one of the many talents of the team is that they have learnt how to juggle.

Innocent Smoothies

 Innocent is well-known for making delicious smoothies but staff in their London office are also treated to a fantastic office space. As well as relaxing amongst the twee bunting and astroturfed floors which create the perfect illusion of outdoor space, employees can also gulp down as many smoothies as they like and are encouraged to work at a different desk each day to mix things up.


 Google is one of the biggest and most successful companies in the world so it’s hardly surprising that their King’s Cross office is truly inspirational. Here staff can enjoy free food, access to a 90m running track, massages, cookery classes, unforgettable views from the roof gardens and when it all gets a bit too much, they can have a lie-down in one of the sleep pods.

In a bid to really get themselves ahead of the competition when it comes to office design, the Google office also adorns striking metal-cased staircases and brightly coloured furniture all set in a trendy and futuristic space.


 An increasing number of us are self-employed or work remotely. Whilst this provides a number of benefits, many people miss the social side of working in an office. Fortunately, co-working spaces which provide opportunities for local businesses and entrepreneurs to work alongside others as and when they please, are becoming commonplace.

On such company which provides these services is DeskLodge in Bristol and it’s not hard to see why business owners would be tempted to work from this location. As well as boasting a communal kitchen, indoor garden, a hideaway work space, meeting booths, individual phone booths, themed meeting rooms and open-plan hot-desking, there’s even a Lego-themed room and a soundproofed dance music chamber for those who work better when subjected to repetitive music.