Five things to consider before moving house

shutterstock_389059639Moving house can often be a challenging experience. Whether you’re selling your flat to renovate a cottage in the South of France or you’re simply upsizing or downsizing within the same area, the process of moving into a different home can become long and complicated.
But most people reach a point in their lives in which the pros of relocating will outweigh any cons involved in the moving process. People decide to relocate for various reasons including work, family, lifestyle and education, and the average British person will move house several times in their lives.

So if you are at a point where moving feels like the right decision but you are not completely sure, now is a perfect time to consider the practical factors before taking that big leap into the unknown. Here are five main factors to take into consideration.

  • Get your property valued. Property valuation is free, simple and allows you to gain a sense of the financial implications of selling your house and moving elsewhere. Knowing how much your house is worth will also inform what locations you will be able to afford to buy in, giving you a better idea of your budget and the location options available to you.
  • Keep updated on house price inflation. The average UK house price rose to £217,000 in July, and whilst some economists are predicting a 5% decline in house prices, surveyors expect prices to rise by around 3.3% per year throughout the next five years. Although it’s tricky deciding whether to buy now in case of higher inflation or whether it is more economical to wait it out in the hope of house prices declining, it’s always best to stay in the loop about any trends or patterns.
  • Never underestimate those pesky hidden costs and those insignificant expenses that slowly add up to a significant price. In particular, don’t forget to budget for removals, professional cleaners, packing materials and essentials for your new home! When you move into your new house you will most likely want to buy furniture, decorations and maybe even new carpet or wallpaper to make it your own, so budgeting for these items is crucial.shutterstock_225492661
  • Decide on a mortgage. Most mortgages are portable with a small fee but it’s always worth arranging a meeting with your lender or mortgage broker to discuss your options and gain some advice. If you decide you need or want a new mortgage, it would be advisable to calculate how much you are currently able to borrow so that you don’t get any nasty surprises further down the line.
  • Research locations. Not only is it important to look into house prices in various areas but also the living expenses, job prospects and lifestyle in any given area. Currently the most expensive city in the UK is Oxford, whilst Londonderry, Northern Ireland has been named the cheapest.

These straightforward but powerful tactics will improve the running of the company, minimise your own workload and provide your employees with a better job satisfaction. With these tips under your belt creating and maintaining an efficient, positive and professional working environment has never been easier.