Four water drainage systems for your business

In a country that gets as much rain as the UK does, water drainage is very important. Without it, you put yourself at risk of flooding which can be a huge cost to your business. It’s not just the repair work you’ll have to pay out for either, your business is also likely to suffer down time if you can’t gain access to your premises.
If you want to safeguard yourself against potential flood damage, below are four great water drainage systems for your business.


Filcoten is an innovative, lightweight concrete drainage system which is known for its strength, super performance abilities and environmental benefits.  When you opt for Filcoten as a drainage system, you have five different options:

  1. Filcoten Parkline – this is a high-performance, multi-slot drainage solution suitable for shallow, invert applications. It works particularly well in car parks and other areas which see high volumes of traffic.
  2. Filcoten Pro – the innovative production and moulding technology used in this system ensures a secure bonding with the surrounding concrete bed. This makes is particularly well suited to factories, warehouses, car parks and public areas such as train stations and residential areas.
  3. Filcoten Tec – this is a popular system thanks to its safety aspects. Galvanised steel rails are designed with a snap-on locking system for a secure grating, making it ideal for areas that see a lot of pedestrians.
  4. Filcoten Self – this is an incredibly light and easy to move drainage system. It’s often used in domestic new builds, driveways and gardens.
  5. Filcoten Pave – this offers a discreet slot top finish which is suitable for concrete blocks or pavers up to 80mm deep. Pave is ideal for landscaping projects, terraces, balconies and driveways.


This ‘off-the-shelf’ drainage system is ideal for smaller projects and can be easily bought from companies like Gatic – It’s easy to install and comes with minimal transportation and maintenance costs yet still boasts an exceptional drainage capacity and unobtrusive profile. It’s ideal for use with paved, block or concrete surfaces such as residential and pedestrian areas. Just a few of the benefits of this system include:

  • It’s highly efficient at draining both small and large volumes of surface water
  • It helps to prevent blockages
  • It’s almost completely invisible once it has been installed
  • Installation is quick and easy


SML Below Ground

There are of course also many drainage systems which can be installed underground for complete discretion. The SML range is a lightweight, dry jointed pipework system which uses cast iron technology to ensure it offers exceptional quality, performance and strength.shutterstock_655457224

This type of system is ideally suited to landscaping and pedestrian schemes such as driveways and paved areas, distribution and industrial centres, shopping centres and retail parks.


This system is a cost-effective, high quality alternative to conventional large diameter drainage pipes. It has been designed to replace conventional concrete manholes which have traditionally been very large and extremely time-consuming to build. Available in a range of diameters, this type of system is typically used for surface water drainage or storage, foul water drainage or storage and culverts.

To find out more about surface water drainage and how this might apply to your business, visit the Ofwat website for further details –

Should the worst have happened and you need help on what to do next, the Simply Business website has some great first response advice –