Google Ads – do they really work?

If you’re looking at marketing your company online you may be wondering what to do and how to do it. After all, long gone are the days of sending an advert into the local newspaper or organising a leaflet campaign.

Well firstly, Google Ads does work, however big or small your company is, online advertising can work and very effectively at that. As time moves on, more and more people – even the older generation – are becoming technically savvy, so the age old argument of ‘my audience doesn’t use the internet’ is now unfounded.

shutterstock_168445043We often hear that paid advertising is expensive and that a company isn’t seeing a return on investment. This could be the case for those companies who aren’t using an experienced, qualified Paid Manager to run their campaigns for them. If campaigns are set up incorrectly then budgets can easily get wasted. If you do not have a team member who knows about setting up paid advertising campaigns then it may be worth you seeking help and advice from an experienced digital marketing company.

Alternatively, if you have a member of your team who would like to learn more about paid search then it may be worth investing in their career so they can become Adwords Certified ( They will learn all the techniques of account structure, match types, negative keywords and bidding strategies.

Another reason some companies don’t invest in paid advertising is because they have good SEO. This is great but a paid search campaign should work hand in hand with your SEO, they should both complement each other, and you shouldn’t choose to not do one because you have the other. A strong digital marketing campaign always includes a SEO and Paid strategy. Reviewing any running campaigns for SEO or Paid is vital to ensure that you are hitting the goals and targets you have set out to achieve. If SEO is also new to you, you can find out more by following this link:

shutterstock_526104310As mentioned above one of the keys for any marketing campaign is to review it regularly. If you find that even though you are getting a lot of traffic from your Google Ads, but no-one converts then there will be a reason. One of the most obvious is that your adverts are not relevant. What we mean by this is that everything needs to match, so your keywords need to match your adverts, which in turn need to match the landing page on your website. It may sound obvious, but this is absolutely crucial. If you get people coming to your site under false pretences they won’t stay and buy, they will leave straight away.

You should also make sure that when people land on your website they know what to do next. Make it simple for them to contact you or buy the product they have seen advertised. If when they arrive they can’t do what they came for then they will go and find the product or service elsewhere. It’s a harsh world on the internet and people can be extremely impatient so make sure you give them what they are looking for.

And finally, if you have an ecommerce website, make sure your buying process works from start to finish works. The amount of companies who don’t actually follow the sales process through is frightening. If you can’t buy your product, then guess what neither can your visitors!