Has Brexit influenced the property market?

Moving home at any time is stressful enough but in the current political uncertainty of Brexit, putting your home on the market is a worrying option. Unless you have to move quickly for family or job reasons it’s important in the current market not to rush making decisions you may regret later.

shutterstock_1086113513The housing market has been slowing down and property prices are not rising as they have done in recent years. Since Brexit was announced in 2016, house prices have fallen and the lead time for selling has also increased. Getting your property valued by a recommended local estate agent who knows your area well, will ensure your property valuation is a true reflection for properties in your area.

‘Which’ magazine has written a very informative article which helps explain what has happened to the property market since 2016 and how the market stands now in September 2019. You can read it by following this link: https://www.which.co.uk/news/2019/09/what-will-brexit-mean-for-house-prices/

If you’re planning to move, here’s a few top tips to make sure your property has curb appeal to help entice prospective buyers through your door.

Front Garden

As summer gives way to autumn, it’s the perfect time to get out in your front garden and start trimming any bushes which may have grown over the summer months. Give any paintwork a fresh lick of paint and make sure you clean your guttering and fascia’s. Front windows should be given a good clean and if you have curtains make sure they’re hanging straight. If your rubbish bins are normally in full sight from the road relocate them to a more secluded spot whilst your home is on the market.


It may sound obvious, but this is one of the biggest selling points for any property. If your home is normally full of junk and you have completely outgrown your space (potentially why you are moving!) it’s time to start sorting out your clutter. Start room by room and be strict with each item you consider. If you would like to keep an item but don’t have a place for it then why not box it up and either store it in the loft or your garden shed. If you don’t have room, then see if a friend could store some items for you whilst you sell your home. The result of your decluttering should be a light and airy home where people can move freely around and appreciate each and every room without being distracted. For some great decluttering advice, visit the Good Housekeeping website: https://www.goodhousekeeping.com/home/organizing/tips/g656/decluttering-tips/

Fresh and cleanshutterstock_568242190

Unless you have recently redecorated some of your rooms could look tired and may need a fresh lick of paint. Don’t go over the top though and spend a lot of money as the new owners will invariably redecorate as soon as they move in. Give each room a thorough clean including woodwork, radiators, windowsills, windows and floors. You’ll be amazed at how fresh a room can look with a deep clean and a thorough tidy.

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