Is it time to outsource your IT Service Desk?

Outsourcing IT services have become more popular over recent years with many companies for a variety of reasons. Employees are now able to work more efficiently and effectively from almost anywhere in the world thanks to all the latest technology but this constant need for support can be a huge drain on your IT Team as stated in this recent article –

This demand for support is just one of the many reasons that companies are looking at alternative solutions to ensure their staff can remain productive at all times.

Here we look at 5 top reasons many organizations have now outsourced their IT Service Desk:

Lower Costs

Hiring and training staff can be costly and time-consuming and for a small company, they may not have the need for a full-time member of staff. Medium and larger sized businesses may already be swamped with organisational demands, so freeing up their time by outsourcing the support element will allow them to more effective and efficient.

Customer service

shutterstock_1050576245As mentioned above many IT Departments have huge demands already placed on them to keep the organisation technically sound as they focus on the company’s core business processes and customer relationships. Support calls, although urgent, can sometimes sit on the back burner whilst other more pressing IT related issues take precedence.


As well as having a faster more responsive service, having an outsource team handle your employee calls can also give them greater flexibility in terms of length of service. With employees working remotely from different time zones having an IT department that can offer a 24/7 support service could help keep your company much more productive.

Expert Knowledge

An outsource IT service company will have access to more than one person. If difficult issues arise they will be able to access more experienced staff who will have the knowledge and experience to resolve any issues that may arise. Having access to this wealth of information means that your employees issues can be resolved quickly and efficiently with little down time. An outsource service desk will also keep up to date with all the latest technology and trends to ensure the service they offer you is second to none:

Reduce stress

For smaller companies who don’t have a dedicated IT team having to deal with IT related issues can be very time consuming and are often dealt with by people who should be doing their owshutterstock_572805328n jobs. For instance, the Managing Director of any company shouldn’t really be affected when the VOIP system goes done but if he is the only one that has a basic working knowledge of the system, guess what he will be at the coal front trying to get things resolved. Not a good use of time when he may have 3 or 4 proposals he should be working on!

It’s safe to say that there will always be a degree of IT support that will stay within your company but outsourcing the service desk element to companies like Sunrise Software will not only allow your staff to become more efficient and work more effectively it will also help your company grow from strength to strength.