Is the location of your Data Centre important?

Thanks to modern technology, businesses, clients and staff can access their data as and when they need to no matter where they are located. However, even with this flexibility there are a certain number of factors you should consider before you choose a data centre to host your data.


Even though you will have remote access to your data, if you are using a colocation data centre such as Virtus Data Centres, you will still own the hardware and software installed in their premises. Making sure your data centre of choice is easily accessible by train or road will ensure that you will be able to access your equipment when needed to carry out maintenance checks, replace equipment or even expand operations if your business is growing.

Renewable Energy

It’s a well-known fact that data centres are a huge drain on energy resources. Data centres are expected to reach 140 billion kilowatt-hours by 2020 unless alternative energy solutions are taken. Thankfully many data centres are looking at renewable resources such as wind, solar and tidal power but this may affect where they are located or where they plan to move to in the future. Make sure you ask about renewable energy plans for any data centre you are considering. On the plus side, renewable energy will not only help the environment, but it will also in the long run reduce costs. Read this blog for further information:

City or Country

It’s a time old debate that will no doubt continue for some time. Data centres located in the country can sometimes have issues around fast internet connections. However, on the plus side many data centres located in the country are normally massive which means they are unlikely to run out of room should your business require more space. With many businesses moving towards using technological advancements such as artificial intelligence and The Internet of Things, the need for powerful connectivity and energy sources will be greater and you may feel a city data centre would be able to service your requirements better.

shutterstock_788457124UK Locations

Data centres in the UK are in high demand as we are recognised as a leading technology hub. Cities such as London and Manchester plus areas such as Berkshire have seen a boom in data centres. London is the most popular with over 71 data centres based in the city. If your business is based in the city, then choosing a London based data centre will automatically tick the boxes in terms of accessibility and transport links. Manchester runs a close second due to its proximity to many other major business areas and reliable high-speed internet connections. Berkshire, also known as the Silicon Valley, has a huge wealth of technology companies based in and around Reading and Slough which has increased the demand for reliable data centres.

Make sure you visit any data centre you are thinking of using so you can assess all of the security policies both virtual and physical and also ask to see their ISO accreditations ( for peace of mind.