Should you outsource to a data centre?

Making any changes to how your business operates can be quite daunting. From installing new software for your accounting systems or moving to new business premises, all of these kinds of decisions can be very time consuming as you consider all your options and knock-on effects.

Your company’s data is extremely sensitive and with cybercrime on the increase you may be considering moving to a data centre. Here we look at why outsourcing to a data centre could help your business in the long run by reducing space and costly overheads.

Space and Scalability

Building your own server room can be costly plus you will also need to answer the inevitable question ‘how big do you build it?’ If you build it to small you’ll need to spend more money in the future and if you build it to big you’ll have invested wasted money on high premium space that’s not used. Data centres offer maximum flexibility with their colocation solutions as you simply pay for what you use. If you need more space as your company grows you pay for more and if your business takes a downturn you simply rent less. For more information follow this link:


Creating the perfect environment for your servers is not cheap. You’ll need to install air conditioning units to keep the server room cool and also ensure you have the correct fire prevention contingencies in place. A data centre will ensure your data is kept in the perfect environment by having professional cooling and heating systems as well as sophisticated fire suppression systems installed.

Power and Connectivity

All data centre’s will have back-up power supplies in place to ensure that should an outage occur it won’t affect your business, ensuring your business is up and running 24/7. Managing outages and downtime within your business can not only be time consuming for those having to deal with it but also very costly. Your data centre will also have connectivity to all network providers helping to ensure you have high bandwiths at reduced costs.


With cyber-attacks on the increase one of the main reason’s companies are making the move to external data centres is quite simply for protection. Data centres have stringent security in place which will include both physical and online security measures following best practice guidelines. Biometric identification has become increasingly popular as this does not rely on passcodes or access cards for access. As well as biometrics a key fob or card key may be used to provide an additional layer of security. CCTV should be in place outside the building as well as inside at all entrance doors, exits and access points. Your data should also be kept secure with the addition of storage redundancy, redundant internet access and cloud hosting for sensitive information.


The building location should be strategically placed at least 100 ft from a main road if following best practice guidelines. It should also be located away from areas that are prone to flooding, as well as high risk areas such as airports chemical facilities and power plants.

For further advice about how to select a data centre for your business follow this link: