UK Colocation – is it the right solution for your business?

No matter how big your company is, knowing how to effectively store and manage your data is an ongoing challenge today and for the future. Using the services of a reputable data centre either as a complete fully hosted solution or for colocation services, is fast becoming a viable solution for many different reasons for many businesses.

Here we explore some of the main advantages of moving your data to a UK Colocation data centre.


Security is one of the most important factors when it comes to your company’s data. Data centres store data for many different companies which is why their security is a top priority for them. They will have all the most up to date security solutions both physically and online. Security measures are likely to take the form of surveillance cameras, access control, 24/7 physical security as well as security tools that will monitor and protect your data from external and internal threats.


Environment can mean two different things, being environmentally friendly and the environment in which your data should be stored. Many data centres are going green so if this aspect is important to you check what green strategies they have implemented. This could include renewable energy projects, cooling solutions and recycling.

For the second part your data will be stored in the perfect environment. Your data centre will ensure that your servers will be constantly monitored to keep them at the optimal temperature.


With everything the world has thrown at us over the last 12 months some businesses have had huge growth spurts in a relatively short period of time whereas others have had to retract. The beauty of using a colocation facility is that you can scale the facilities that you use, up and down quickly and easily depending on your business needs. This means you will only pay for the space and power when you need it.


If you are looking at overall costs you may find that using a colocation facility will help reduce your overheads. If you don’t already have a dedicated server room the costs for fitting a room out for this purpose can quickly escalate. You may also find that if your business needs to expand the size of the server room those costs may have to be paid out again in the not too distant future. Equally if you have overestimated the space you need you may have spent too much money on a space that won’t be used.


Having your data stored away from your premises will reduce your risk of fire and flood. Moving your data to a colocation solution will make disaster recovery plans easier, saving you the costs of data loss, allowing you to keep operating as a business even during a time of crisis. If you haven’t yet made a disaster recovery plan for your business visit the IBM website:

Many data centres are located in areas that are not prone to flooding and have fire warning systems in place for protection.

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