What are the benefits of going green for a business?

Previously ‘sustainability’ may have been a bit of a buzz word for companies, seen as good PR and more of a choice than a necessity. But today with ever changing public opinion and more importantly changes in government legislation, becoming sustainable should be part of any business’s commercial viability plan.
So where do you start and what can you do?
Here we look at ways your business can become greener and the benefits it may offer.

Energy Audit
For larger companies (+250 employees) an energy audit is a mandatory practice, for smaller businesses however this does not apply. Allow audits can be costly conducting even a simple, top-level energy audit could be a cost-effective way to identify problem areas which in the long term could save your business money. There are many energy auditors in the UK who will be able to offer different types of audits from a telephone consultation to an in-depth onsite audit. For more details visit the Government website: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/business-awareness-and-uptake-of-energy-audits-research

Your Team
It’s not only consumers who increasingly want to deal with businesses who are making conscious efforts in going green, staff too are looking at their employers to see what their sustainable polices are and how environmentally aware they are. Recent surveys have found in America that developing a corporate social responsibility programme is a top internal practice for ensuring an ethical corporate culture. Interestingly, it has also been reported that millennials and Gen Z’s are more aware about the environment than any other generation resulting in them prioritising those employers who are actively promoting sustainability.

Review Your Suppliers
Reviewing who you work with such as your suppliers and partners will help ensure that you only work with companies that adhere to both social and environmental standards. You should check their sustainability goals and what they are doing to be more environmentally friendly. For instance choose an eco-friendly data centre, make sure your waste collection company is eco-friendly, and check your energy is coming from renewable sources.

Improved Working Environment
By switching to sustainable products not only will the planet benefit but your staff will too. For instance, eco-friendly products that are 100 % biodegradable and plant based will not contain any harmful chemicals. Switching to green products will create a far healthier working environment not only for your cleaning team but for your office staff too.

Brand Image
As well as brand image going green can also be seen as a status symbol. Dell launched a recycling programme whereby customers could return difficult to recycle products to them. Honda is recognised as one of the greenest businesses in the car industry by optimising fuel efficiency and has a long term vision in place. Find out more by following the link: https://www.honda.co.uk/cars/world-of-honda/future/long-term-vision.html

Going green however isn’t just for the large corporations, small changes will make a difference and it won’t go unnoticed by your staff or your customers. Once you make your changes why not publicise it on your website and use social media to announce the changes your company is making.