Digital Marketing Strategies for 2021

2020 has been an extraordinary and challenging year. If we had said just a year ago that we would be working in the most part online only and from home, I think we would have fallen about laughing. After all, who could make such massive changes within a business and ensure success?

12 months on, and that’s pretty much what we have all adapted to. Everything from new client meetings to candidate interviews, from pitch presentations to award evenings, life has changed and the adjustments we have made are not necessarily for the worst.

Businesses in order to survive had to adapt fast. They had to be creative in how they reached out to their customers, especially for those companies whose front doors on the high street have had to remain closed.

As we move into 2021 these challenges are still with it and none of us know quite how things will look when we do get back to some sense of normality. Keeping ahead of the game, staying agile and flexible however, will put any business in a strong position to survive no matter what the next few months bring.

If you’re looking for ways to improve your digital marketing for 2021, here’s three things for you to consider.


If you haven’t already utilised Search Engine Optimisation for your website you are missing out. For those of you who already practicing good ethical SEO what should you be focusing on for 2021? Google My Business ( has become ever more popular as the demand for local search has increased significantly. Google is improving and adding new features to ensure that searchers get the best results possible. Ensuring your Google My Business listing is well optimised will help people make decisions when they are considering your business. Google has also announced it will be updating its algorithms to include user-centred metrics, to measure things like website load time, interactivity and accessibility across devices and platforms, all of which places a much greater emphasis on your users’ experience. Making it as easy as possible for a user to interact with your website is a key part of UX Design and key to a successful website.

Video Marketing

If you haven’t yet embraced video marketing 2021 should be the year you do. Cisco have predicted that by 2022 video marketing is expected to make up around 82% of all consumer internet traffic, a number not to be sniffed at! Including videos on your website can boost your SERP rankings and increase your conversions. Video Marketing is a great way to engage with your consumers, and once engaged they are more likely to buy your product or join your mailing list. You can use video’s to spread awareness, increase engagement and drive sales by promoting them on multiple channels.

Social Media

Social Media isn’t a good fit for every single company. As a business you need to do your research to find out how your customers are engaging with you to ensure you market to them in the right way. Social Media comprises of many different platforms and which ones you use as a business will very much be dependent on your audience. From Facebook to Instagram, from YouTube to TikTok –, your consumers won’t be engaging with every single channel. Remember each platform has its own mission and purpose so only market your business on those channels your business will flourish in.